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Who is JSAT International Inc.?

JSAT International inc. allows its customers the ability to connect to geostationary satellites to communicate more effectively and efficiently. By offering capacity on its joint venture satellites Horizons-1, Horizons-2, Horizons 3e (HTS), and Horizons-4, regional connectivity is possible. We are a wholly-owned U.S. subsidiary of SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation, the largest satellite operator in the Asia-Pacific region with a fleet of 17 satellites. JSAT International Inc. can provide customer solutions utilizing Horizons or SKY Perfect JSAT fleet options.

Corporate data

NameJSAT International Inc.
Address1401 H Street NW, Suite 220 Washington DC 20005 MAP
EstablishedJuly 2001
TEL+1 (202) 379-4400
FAX+1 (202) 379-4410

JSAT International satellite coverage:

Horizons-1, located at 150 West.

Horizons-2 is located at 74 West.

Horizons 3e is located at 169 East.

Horizons-4 is located at 127 West.

Who is SKY Perfect JSAT Corporation?

Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SKY Perfect JSAT is Asia's leading satellite operator with over 30 years of experience in providing reliable satellite communications and solutions. SKY Perfect JSAT leverages its strengths from the hybrid of Space Business and Media Business. In the Space Business, they offer a wide range of satellite services, covering the land, sea, and beyond, and playing a vital role in supporting communications for commercial and governmental use. SKY Perfect JSAT is also actively broadening its business fields, such as Earth Observation Data Analysis Solutions, Universal Non-Terrestrial Networks, Optical Communications/Data Relay, Active Debris Removal, and Satellite-based Quantum Key Distribution. In the Media business, they provide a broad range of entertainment through their Multi-channel Pay TV Broadcasting platform "SKY PerfecTV! " and the on-demand video streaming service "SPOOX", and they are also expanding their Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) Business and Media Solution Business.

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