SPE(Superbird Platform East)


Know our facilities and satellite related service.


Make Good Use of JSAT's Highly Managed Teleports.

SKY Perfect JSAT group's Japan based teleports include, YSCC(Yokohama Satellite Control Center), SPE(Superbird Platform East), SPW(Superbird Platform West) and GTC(Gunma Teleport Center), and they can host a variety of service plans in accordance with your unique requirements. Our teleports are staffed by highly trained engineers 24/7.
Satellite operations and customer service monitoring ensure customer satellite usage. Multiple earth stations provides redundancy in time of service interruption and emergency recovery operations.

Get Further Options to Connect with Our Satellites.

We also work with some of the best in class teleport operators in the world to provide various options to connect to our satellites. Our relationships with these operators mean you can obtain of teleport services that create the best fit with your particular needs.
HPT (Hawaii Pacific Teleport) is one of our representative teleport partners. With Hawaii's geographical advantage to communicate with the world, they maximize the capabilities of the JCSAT and Horizons satellites connectivity. Intelsat, JSAT's joint venture partner of the Horizons satellites, also operates several teleports that offer connectivity to the Horizons series satellites.
Additional commercial teleports are actively communicating with various JSAT satellites throughout the region.