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Gaining the Upper Hand via Satellite

Leveraging satellites located at 36,000 km (22,000 miles) above the equator provides the keys to driving your business forward and can meet various communication challenges. What satellite solutions can offer are;

Location Flexibility
- Terminals can be located in virtually any location in both rural and urban areas.
Outstanding Scalability
- Data rates can be scaled to customize customer demands.
Wide Coverage Area
- Satellites can provide coverage areas connecting customer sites within a single beam.
Wide Bandwidth Availability
- Services can operate and be designed for specific customer requirements.
High Reliability
- Whether as a primary communication link or a backup to terrestrial links, satellites can be counted on as a reliable communication channel.
- Point to multi point connectivity is the best way for customers to reach and communicate with field sites, whether customers have one site or 1000's of sites.

Typical Applications of Satellite Communications

Today's world of satellite communications allows for diversified application including broadband internet, video distribution, wireless backhaul and mobile communication. It is important for our customers to build their networks with best transport system which our satellites can provide. Our years of experience of providing satellite connectivity for customers in various regions can be a key solution driver for our customer's networks.

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How We Serve

Trasponder Leasing
- We offer flexible transponder leasing services that will meet your full-time usage and occasional usage requirements. Our engineers can help design the best service possible and complete link budget analysis to determine the most efficient satellite network to use.
Ground Connectivity and Earth Station Services
- Uplink and downlink connectivity can be offered in some regions through our teleport infrastructures or utilizing our partner's facilities connecting to our regional satellites.